Make servicing your car the most Simple & Enjoyable experience.
Carnation Car Service and Repairs

It is a delight, to bring to our customers some of India’s finest car service & body repair capabilities at Carnation - car solutions and services that marry best-in-class technology, to highly skilled manpower.

Honest & transparent Car service:
Service advisors you can trust, no hidden costs, anytime access to where your car’s being attended to – some things we at Carnation know you really want, but don’t always get. Well with Carnation’s ‘Best for the Customer’ philosophy, you get all this and much more,. We know you trust us as experts to take the best care of your car & only do what’s in your best interests. Request a customized car service close to your home / office. Experience the difference at a Carnation Multi-brand Auto Solution hub near you. If you’re a Senior or just can’t get out of home in an emergency, just sit back and relax, we might even pick-up your car and have it back at your doorstep in prime condition; we love going that extra mile.

World Class paint and body repair facility:
Our Car body shops are our pride. Unlike most service and repair facilities, with Carnation’s ‘Best for the Customer’ philosophy we focus on repairing rather than replacing parts. That’s greater savings to you and reduced time at the workshop too - you always win! A highly skilled and technically proficient team at Carnation Auto hubs, takes care of even the minutest of dents in cars and restores damaged sections with such skill and precision that it appears as though there had never been any damage at all. Try our body repair shop or book a service. You could also call us on +91 - 9717001814 Toll free and book an appointment.

Workshop-On-Wheels - WOW!

Presenting door-step car servicing through India's 1st fleet of Mobile car workshops.

Workshop-On-Wheels (WOW) is a unique service from Carnation that allows you to get your car serviced right at home or your office, at your convenience. Now, you’ll never need to spend an entire day at the service station; just choose the time and the place, and we will come there and service your car right in front of you. Moreover you can get cars of any brand serviced, get all the cars of your family, friends or office colleagues serviced together at one place, at a go. Book a Workshop-On-Wheels doorstep car service, make servicing your car easier than ever before. Or make a quick call to our number +91-9716443485. Our newest addition to our WOW locations is at Dwarka, New Delhi.Get in touch with Chandan Kumar +91 - 9716443485 and Ravi Sharma +91 - 9650497630 for your queries.
For the list of other locations, browse the list below:


Your Time. Your Place. Our Servicing. WOW.

Wow Door-step car servicing Advantages:

Space saving
: Your Car Parking Space + 1 other next to it, that’s it
Time Saving: Servicing in just around 2 hours, that’s 4-5 cars of you and your friends serviced at a go in a day!
Super Transparent: Cars serviced right in front of you, everything in front of your eyes
Any-Car Convenience: Whatever your brand of car, we’ll service it
Carnation Hub Advantage: Should your car require a larger effort, we’ll take it to our nearest Auto Hub and get it done immediately.


Carnation offers the complete range of car care products and services. With these Value Added Car services, simply protect your car or pamper it both from the inside and outside. We’ll get the best in, while your earn the admiration.

Carnation Value Added Services for your car include:

Car Detailing Services - Exteriors/Interior Makeovers
Car Detailing Services - Anti Corrosion Treatment & Protective Treatments
Car Care Performance Products available at our Carnation Multi-brand Auto Solution hubs

Car Care Maintenance Products also available at world-class Car service stations - Carnation Multi-brand Auto Solution Hubs