Pre-Owned Testimonials

  • If you want to sell more cars, join Carnation. The used car market is growing amid the automotive slowdown. Carnation Auto’s amazing branding prowess is surely helping us to grow at around 30% compared to our previous sales record. Customers now are more tech savvy; they look for cars online before buying and Carnation’s online portal serve the purpose for the same.

    Mr. Sandeep Jha, East Delhi Finlease, Mob 9811189840
  • Carnation’s reach and visibility across India is gaining momentum every day. We are one of the first to collaborate with Carnation. We love the way they handle our marketing and advertising needs. They have an efficient team for sure.

    Mr. Sumit Choudhary, Car Hunt, Mob 9899668989
  • The face of Indian automotive market is changing for good. Now people prefer to buy refurbished used cars instead of new cars. Carnation Auto surely brought wind of change in the used car industry. With the association, we are selling more cars.

    Mr. Amit Mago, Auto Czars, Mob 9811097450
  • Carnation Auto has huge online presence. They have the expertise to generate leads online. We get around 30 relevant leads every day. Our sales almost doubled after we became a Carnation franchisee.

    Mr. Anand Birla, Boss Key Automobiles, Mob 9312588098
  • Quality used cars with a clean documentation and certification is what customers look for while buying a pre-owned car. Carnation ensures that all the cars that we sell are in excellent condition. They take the pain of reviewing every car before we sell them. Carnation is helping and guiding us for boosting our sales without compromising with the quality. We thank Mr. Jagdish Khattar for taking such a great initiative. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration.

    Mr. Atul Dewan, Divya Motors, Mob 9810005100
  • Carnation Auto is one of the most reliable brands in the used car market in India and associating with them is something that we cherish every day. 

    Mr. Ashwani Garg & Mr. Gaurav Mahindru, Cars Unlimited, Mob 9811240501 & 9811467683
  • The collaboration between Carnation Auto gave us a platform to sell used cars under a reputed name. We are glad to partner with a company, which is founded by one of the veterans of the auto industry, Mr.Jagdish Khattar. With this partnership, our sales went up by 60%. Customers now want branded used cars with a reliable background and associating with Carnation gave us that identity, which we were missing earlier. 

    Mr. Rajesh Malhotra, MMW associated, Mob 9810292089