Claim Process and Assistance Information

Claim Process and assistance information

An insurance claim is filed with a local representative of the insurance company. This representative is responsible for investigating the specific details of the insurance claim and negotiating the payment from the main insurers. After the claim is filed, the insurance company sends out an investigator called an adjustor or appraiser. The insurance adjustor evaluates the insurance claim and determines if the repair estimates are even. Insurance companies tend to accept the adjustors evaluation as the final word on the insurance claim.

While the entire claims is handled and managed by the Insurers themselves, we at Carnation would definitely assist you in filing the claims and provide our services to you.

Here is the list of various partner insurance companies with addresses and applicable claim forms. For claim assistance find your insurer, download the form as applicable, fill it and send across to the mentioned address for claim. For assistance, contact the toll free numbers.

What are the steps involved in registering a motor claim?

Step 1: Park the vehicle safely

Insurance call centre for further advice. Please do not remove the damaged vehicle from the

spot of the accident without recommendation as the insurance company may carry out spot

inspection to verify the cause, circumstances, responsibility and admissible loss.

Step 2: Intimate the Insurance company

When you register your claim, you will need to provide the following information:

Note:Once the claim is registered, the customer support executive will provide you with a

Claim Reference Number. You will be updated through SMS on every stage of the claim OR you

can call on their Toll Free Number and quote the Claim Reference Number to know the status of

your claim.

Step 3: Shift the vehicle to a repair shop

Step 4: Hand over documents to surveyor / garage

    • Intimate the call centre to seek advice:

      • .......................( Toll Free)

    • Or -SMS ‘MOTOR CLAIM’ to............. and we will call you back.

    • You can also send an e-mail to ........

    • Complete policy number

    • Name of the insured ( vehicle owner)

    • Name of the driver

    • Insured’s ( vehicle owner’s) contact number

    • Place of accident

    • Vehicle registration Number

    • Vehicle type & Model

    • Brief description of the accident

    • Date and time of the accident

    • Where the vehicle is lying currently

    • Other details asked by call centre


    on complementary towing / pick up of the damaged vehicle by towing


    facility and value added services. Note: It is advantageous to repair your

    vehicle at Preferred Workshops.

    • Avail special services (limited cities only) – ask the call centre for details

    • Use the preferred / tie up garages for timely quality repair, cash less

  1. Filled claim form with contact numbers, mobile number and e mail id. (given in


  2. Proof of insurance – policy / cover note

  3. Copy of registration book , tax receipt ( please furnish original for verification)

  4. Copy of motor driving license with original of the person driving the vehicle at the

    time of accident.

  5. Police panchanama / FIR ( in case of third party property damage / death / bodily


  6. Estimate of repair from the repairer.

A surveyor will inspect the vehicle at the workshop. It is advisable to be present in workshop during

surveyor’s visit. Please provide requisite documents to surveyor. Theapproved claim amount and

deductions through CAC sheet ( Claim amount confirmation) will be made available to the garage before

delivery date of the vehicle . You may ask for the same from the repairer.

Step 5: Reimbursement and claim settlement


Incase thevehicle is being repaired at a Preferred Workshop, the payment will be made directly to the


garage and you are required to pay only the difference as per bill if any. For all garages other than

preferred garages, you are required to settle the bill with the workshop and submit bills along with the

documents to the nearest insurance company office for reimbursement as per surveyor’s report.

Reimbursement takes approximately 7 days / 30 days (for net of loss) from the date of submit of final bill

provided all documents are in order and with in policy purview.

Special note: In case of injury to third party / damage to property


  • Please assist the injured person and shift to the nearest hospital.

  • Report the matter to the nearest police station and obtain a copy of FIR.


  • Do not make any promises or offer compensation to any third party who may be involved in the accident on behalf of the insurance company.Such promises are not binding.
  • Inform third party injury or damage to the insurance company by calling the call center.


Documents required in case of injury or damage to property:


  1. Claim form duly signed by the insured

  2. Police FIR copy

  3. Driving license copy**

  4. Policy copy

  5. RC copy of the vehicle

  6. Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle’s original documents

Special note: In case of a theft


  1. Report the claim to call centre within 24 hours of the theft.

  2. File FIR within 24 hours and obtain a copy.

  3. The insurance company may depute an investigator to verify facts and collect

    necessary documents as mentioned in the claim form.

  4. If the claim is admissible then the insurance company may require documents for

    transferring the rights of the vehicle in the name of the company.

    You may get in touch with nearest office for details.

  5. The process may take a minimum of 3 months if all the requirements are met and

    documents are in order including not traceable report from court / police.


Documents required in case of theft claims:

  1. Claim form duly signed by the insured

  2. RC copy of the vehicle with all original keys

  3. Driving license copy

  4. Original policy copy

  5. Original FIR copy of the complete theft report

  6. RTO transfer papers duly signed along with Form numbers 28, 29, 30 and 35 (if


  7. Final report – A no-trace report from the police saying that the vehicle cannot be



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