Tips To Keep Your Car In Perfect Condition

Car Maintenance Guide

It is important to treat your car like your baby for avoiding unwanted breakdown. Most car owners forget to do regular checkups, which consequently give them unnecessary headaches. It’s advisable to keep your car in perfect working condition for extracting the maximum benefits from your four-wheeler.

Expert Tips to Keep Your Car in a Perfect Working Condition

Regular Wash: It’s important to wash your car regularly for keeping the shine of your vehicle intact. One should also do waxing weekly that comes along the car kit.

Pollution Check: It’s advisable to do pollution check in three months time for keeping your car smoke free. It’s environment friendly too.

Car Servicing: Servicing your car needs to be as per the schedule suggested by the car manufacturer and dealer.

Drive smoothly: It’s advisable to drive your car between 40-60 kmph for keeping your car in a healthy condition.

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 Add-on Services: It’s always a great thing to keep your car in the best possible condition hence taking benefits of add-on services like monsoon checkups, winter battery check and summer servicing etc. is very important.

Noise Detection: Car owners should visit car servicing centre if they hear unnecessary noise coming from the vehicle.

Air-conditioning: In order to make your car summer ready, do a free AC checkup, which is provided by reputed service centers like Carnation Auto for free. It’s always advisable to switch on your AC for few minutes in a week during winter for proper air conditioning of your car. Visit a reputed car service centre: Visiting a professional service centre is important for getting the best treatment at affordable price. Carnation Auto provides world-class car servicing hubs across India for all brands of cars at affordable price. 

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