Tips To Clean Alloy Wheels From The Comfort Of Home

DIY Tips to Clean Alloy Wheels Using Household Items

Clean and shining alloy wheels enhances the overall personality of your car. It’s important to clean your alloy wheels regularly for preventing them from corrosion. Using soap and water is regarded sufficient for adding luster to your wheels.

Tips to keep your alloy wheels clean for years

Rinsing:One of the best ways to remove dirt and brake dust is rinsing your wheels with water. Using a proper hose attachment can easily do the needful.

Rubbing: After rinsing your wheels with water, it’s advisable to rub them with wet sponge for shine. Scrubbing also reduces the chances of getting scratches.

Avoid Acid: It’s advisable to avoid acid based cleaning agents for removing the dirt and debris because using acid may destroy the lacquer of the wheel. Mixing it well with proper water and cleaner is important. You should soak the sponge in the bucket where water and cleaner is mixed proportionately. For avoiding waste, you should properly squeeze the sponge. Use the sponge for cleaning the wheels. Much of the dirt already got cleaned during rinsing. Crevices can be used for cleaning the crevices.

Use water again after rubbing: Use the hose attachment again for clearing the cleaner solution.

Drying:Use Chamois or microfiber after rinsing.

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Tips to remove stubborn stains:

You can remove stubborn stains from your alloy wheels by using household items like aluminum foil and cola. Rust can be easily removed by used foil soaked in cola.

Another easily found household items like vinegar can be used for cleaning the grease.

The final shine of your wheels can be achieved by using lemon. Rinsing it off with water after 10 minutes can easily make your alloy wheels look awesome.

After cleansing, use wax.

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