Expert Tips To Reduce Your Fuel Expenses

Top Tips To Reduce Your Fuel Bills by 15-20%

Fuel prices in India is increasing due to various factors such as crisis in middle-east, depreciating rupee and increase in domestic demand of fuel for private and public transportation. Indian car owners are now looking for ways to minimize the cost of fuel consumption. There are various ways to reduce your fuel expenses hence we have collected some expert servicing tips, which can easily trim down your bills by 15-20%.


Expert Tips & Tricks To Decrease Your Fuel Expenses

⚫ Smooth Driving: Driving smoothly and maintaining the tyre pressure are the best ways to bring down your fuel expenses. It is advisable to put less pressure in the engine. Driving smoothly without sudden acceleration and braking reduces fuel consumption, which consequently helps reducing your fuel bills. Aggressive acceleration not only pressurizes your engine but also affects the overall health of your vehicle.

⚫ Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle: It’s one of the best ways to keep your fuel bills within your limits. Ignore this point if your car isn’t fuel efficient and follow the other tips religiously.

⚫ Accelerate Slowly: Always accelerate smoothly because fast acceleration needs more power that eventually eats more fuel.

⚫ Proper Gear Shift: Accurately shifting gears can also help car owners to reduce fuel consumption. It’s advisable to shift to the highest gear, when your speed touches 40-50 km/hr.

⚫ Switch off your Engine: Switching off your engine in the traffic signals is advisable for burning less fuel.

⚫ Reduce AC Usage: Switching off your engine in the traffic signals is advisable for burning less fuel.

⚫ Reduce AC Usage: Usage of air-conditioning can be reduced for saving fuel consumption. It’s advisable to switch off the AC and use natural ventilation instead if the weather is pleasant.

⚫ Regular Maintenance: Servicing your car regularly is extremely important for reducing your fuel bills. Regular maintenance as recommended by the car manufacturer can help achieving a great fuel economy. Under-inflated tyres and dirty oil filters can increase fuel consumption drastically.


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