Car Maintenance and Servicing Tips

This is a one-stop page for solving all your car servicing related worries. Read the articles written by auto experts to keep your car in perfect working condition.

  • Expert Tips To Reduce Your Fuel Expenses

    In order to reduce fuel expenses and boost mileage of your car, vehicle owners should take up good driving habits, do car servicing regularly as recommended by the manufacturer, use AC appropriately etc. Driving smoothly is one of the best ways to reduce Read More

  • Tips To Keep Your Car In Perfect Condition

    Treating your car like a baby is important for preserving the performance. Regular checkups help preventing unwanted hassles. This article provides you significant advice for keeping your car in perfect working condition. Read More

  • How To Protect Your Car From Corrosion

    External factors like rain, wind and dust makes your car vulnerable to early corrosion. It’s advisable to fix the problem before it spreads. Check out the top ways to protect your car from rusting. Read More

  • Tips To Clean Alloy Wheels From The Comfort Of Home

    Stylish people have stylish wheels. Shining alloy wheels enhances the overall personality of your car. If you don’t clean them regularly, your alloy wheels may collect rust hence taking good care is important for keep them shining forever. Read More

  • Ways To Increase Your Car's Life Span

    The initial days of your car are very crucial because it decides the future of your vehicle hence keeping the speed limit in control during the first 1600 kms, which is also known as Breakin period. Keeping the acceleration at medium level is always good Read More

  • Which Car Servicing Shop Is Good For Your Car?

    There are many car servicing centers in India that promises to provide better service however it’s always advisable to look for reputed workshop for preventing your car from needless hassles. Read More

  • How To Keep Your Car's AC Up And Running Smoothly?

    The most important parts of AC are hoses, belts, evaporator and compressor. In order to keep these parts working at proper condition, car owner should follow few steps regularly. Check out the best ways to keep your AC in perfect working condition. Read More

  • Free Car AC Check Up Offer

    Car Air conditioning check ensures that the climate inside your car is pleasant and healthy. FREE AC check up includes: 1. AC check for leakage, pressure, effectiveness & noise 2. Complete AC Unit Inspection & report 3. AC condenser cleaning 4. Read More