Refund/Credit Policy

SN Payment Type Policy
1 Used Car Enhance (Paid) Listing Credit and Refund
2 Used Car Deluxe (Assisted) Listing Credit and Refund
3 Verification reports (for the cars which have already been sold by seller) Credit
4 VVCS service (in case service is not delivered due to busy schedule of customer) Credit
5 VVCS service (in case service is not delivered due to Carnation) Credit and Refund
6 Auction token fee (In case person has lost the Auction) Credit and Refund
7 Insurance No credit/refund policy

Credit Process

1. Customer wants to opt for credit

2. Customer can write email or call at Call center

3. Email will be sent to customer with Credit Code

a. Detailing the Credit process

b. Detailing the products and services he can redeem his credit.

4. He can avail the credit option clicking on any product and service offerings.


Refund Process

1.Customer wants to claim refund

2. Customer can write email or call at Call center

3. Email will be sent to customer

a. Detailing the Refund process

b. List of documents to be submitted

c. Link to fill in Feedback form and submit the application form for Refund

4. Customer need to compulsory fill in Money back feedback form for claiming refund

5. Customer needs to submit other required documents/ information for refund process through courier.

6. Once Application form and Documents are received by Carnation, Refund claim needs to be approved by concerned Business and Finance authority.

7. Detailed Refund payment process to finalize with Finance. And get implemented by TCS.


Terms & Conditions

1. This Guarantee is brought to you by Carnation Auto India Pvt. Ltd and is open only to individuals who

a. List their car under enhance/deluxe listings for sale on and their car doesn't get sold within listing period

b. Has bought verification reports for the cars which have already been sold by seller.

c. Has paid for a VVCS service and service is not delivered

d. Has bought Auction token for participation and lost the Auction

2. Dealers, brokers or those individuals who trade in cars are not eligible.

3. Carnation reserves the right to require a valid proof of payment for the listing before processing the refund.

4. As far as is possible, refunds will be processed via the same mode that the original payment was made (unless the original payment was made by cash) i.e. if a credit card was used for the original payment, then the amount will be refunded back to the same credit card. Under exceptional circumstances, or when a refund via the same mode of payment is not possible, or in those cases where the original payment was made in cash, the amount will be refunded via cheque or demand draft. Refunds are non-transferable and cheques will be prepared only on the name as on record with Cheques will be couriered to the address on record with and to locations within India only, within 30 days of receiving the refund request.

5. Under no circumstances will refunds be paid out in cash. All decisions with respect to the refund claim are at the sole discretion of Carnation, and no enquiries will be entertained.

6. Carnation reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any or all of the terms and conditions of this Guarantee at any time without prior notice.

7. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Guarantee shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute a claim against Carnation.

8. All individuals who wish to avail of the Guarantee accept the Terms and Conditions of entry as specified above in total.

Refund for Listing Money

9. Refund will be given only in case car is not sold within listing time period of paid/Assisted listing to anyone either through carnation or any other source.

10. The individual will only be eligible for a refund equal to the amount paid by him / her to Carnation at the time of listing their car on the website.

11. The individual should not have listed more than 3 cars for sale on within the previous 12 months.

12. The refund amount can only be claimed between Day 15 and Day 30, counting from the first day the listing period is over on Requests for refunds before or after this time period will strictly not be entertained. Carnation is unable to accept requests in advance of this time period.

13. Listings for which refunds are claimed will be removed from permanently, irrespective of whether they have been renewed or not.

Credit for Verification Report if car is sold

14. Only credit will be given in case, car has been sold before the individual has bought the verification report from

15. Carnation will check with seller to ensure the time and date of sale in case the car is sold.

16. Refund will be given only in case Individual has paid for a VVCS service and service is not delivered even after 10 days of scheduled date.

17. Refund will be refused if the delay has happened due to unavailability of individual for service for 3 consecutive times. Only Credit will be allowed in this case

1. Shipping and delivery policy: Not required

2. Contact address in contact us line:

Corporate Office
A-110, 1st Floor, Udyog Marg, Sector-5, Noida, 201301
Phone: (+91)-120-4522400 / (+91) 9599387485

3. Atleast one landline no. with the e-mail: Same as in the contact address

4. Brief description about products/ services with pricing: Will probably differ from the portal